We believe everyone is creative. Get started from zero and learn everything you need to get your design career started.
6 Modules
full of rich content going from the basics of design through present trends and to the impact in future.
Practice based
with hundreds of real world problems to directly apply the skills you learn.
Exclusive sessions and meetups
to connect and learn from industry experts from workshops, webinars, interviews, and more.
Lifetime community
to learn and grow with people like you in addition to opportunities, referrals, peer critiques, and exciting competitions.
Portfolio Ready
because you will work on multiple projects and go deep to design pixel perfect products.
Discounts & offers
on an array of design tools, and services to help boost your design performance.
Why should you take this course?
We know how difficult it is to afford quality education when you are starting your career. We believe that design knowledge should be accessible to everyone because it shapes our culture and defines the way we interact.

That is why we created a course that helps new creatives go from scratch basics to learn crafting high-quality design and finally land a job in the most affordable price.
Pre-applications close Nov 30, 2020
For summer 2021, beyond pre-application period, our application price will rise.

For better chances of acceptance, apply in the pre-application period. 78% of our previous class applied early.
$599 FREE
Get the masterclass for free now!
Following the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made the course free of cost. Only pay the application fee ($25) to support our basic technological infrastructure.
Summer 2020 acceptance rate: 74%
Price is subject to change.
What makes this course unique and special?
Be it any profession, practice makes perfect. Understanding this universal truth, we go beyond teaching you design and providing you resources.

This course includes stories from top designers and design teams of top companies and agencies to help you better understand challenges in actual situations and how the best designers approach them to build better products, because what better way to learn than from the experiences of industry experts.
“Three job offers in one month. The hands on approach helped me so much to get my first design job coming from an Economics major. Recommend it to all new designers out there, you can’t get another valuable course at this price.”
Bani Jain
UX Designer, Uber
Alumni, Spring 2019
"A week after I finished the course, I landed an internship in my dream company. The projects were the most helpful, and insightful to directly be able to work with a design team at a big tech company.

Thanks to the projects and business in design classes, I am also working as a part time freelancer successfully.”
Lorraine Chen
Product Design Intern, Spotify
Alumni, Spring 2019
Don't just learn, succeed as a designer.
Having empathy and being a good researcher is not enough. As a designer, you should communicate your creativity efficiently to others in the team to make your product achieve the right functionality.

We help you learn the soft skills that a designer needs to work within a diverse team and cover all you need to know to get your first product design job.
Being Creative
Understand the true meaning of creativity and find your creative energy with techniques and plans that help you take the right actions to start your journey as a designer.
Design 101
Introduction to design, fundamentals, art history, product design and three-dimensional basics, with a deep dive into typography and design of layouts.
Human-Computer Interaction
Put yourself in the shoes of the user of a computer and learn how to create related products and services that work seamlessly, reach intuitively, and work efficiently.
Interaction and Visual Design
Develop a user-centered approach to create products that are usable and give users the potential to interact without errors, by learning about psychology and the power of human vision.
Business in Design
Learn how to become an integrated part of design teams, and communicate your design skills to gain recognition with unique tools and techniques.
Get Started
At the final step, create a capstone project and give structure to your creativity and connect your work to get started with the right career opportunities.
Not easy. But are you ready for the challenge?
Having the power of design, is one great responsibility. Good design can turn a small idea into a big success, and the wrong design decisions can lead to fatal consequences. As designers, we are responsible for impacting the culture and interactions of the future.

And we are with you at every step of the way to empower your creativity and give direction to your skills.