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Creative Basis is a completely student-run community supported by creative industry experts who believe in the creative potential of every individual. We stand to amplify the voices of new creatives and help them kick-start their creative careers.
Creative Basis -  Photo by Jose Martin Ramirez
Creativity and design are what drives new innovation and shapes a better future. At the very core, we believe that everyone is uniquely creative. We want to help people realize their creativity by supporting them with the right resources and the ideal space.

We are not just a school or bootcamp. We want to be able to help young creatives realize the truth and importance of design, and the need of collaboration and empathy to shape the right culture.
new creatives

We are proud to have empowered over 900 new designers and artists from underrepresented communities all over the world to start their impactfull careers.
workshops and events

We are continuously supporting students in minority communities achieve their right to education and giving them the right direction by sharing knowledge and making them aware.